Our Mission

Public schools are intended to give every student a chance at a successful future — but too many students never get that chance.

In many communities, there’s a significant achievement gap between low-income and minority students and the rest of their peers. The problem starts early and builds over time. By the time they finish elementary school, many of these students are achieving far below their grade level, and struggle to catch up in middle school. Roughly half of our nation’s 
low-income high school students drop out entirely before high school graduation.

And in an economy that demands a college degree, too few of these students are prepared for college. To be successful there — and beyond, in careers and as citizens — they need to know more than how to read, write and do math. They also need skills like critical thinking, communication and collaboration, as well as character traits like personal responsibility 
and persistence.

When students aren’t given the chance to be successful in college, it holds them and their communities back from achieving their full potential. To change this equation, Alpha Public Schools believes we must redesign our public schools — and the way we teach and learn in the 21st century. Traditional schools take a one-size-fits-all approach, marching all students through the same material. Teachers try their best to differentiate instruction across their classes, but rarely have the tools and resources they need to meet each student’s needs, interests, learning style and pace — let alone move students beyond basic academic competency and toward true college-ready skills.

By using technology to empower great teachers and inspire active learning, Alpha Public Schools will not only change the educational and economic trajectory of our students’ lives, but also transform their surrounding communities.