Alpha provides more professional & leadership development:

200 hours

200 hours

for teachers

300 hours

300+ hours

for leader teachers

80 hours

80+ hours

for leader in summer

1 year

1 year

teacher residency program

Working together, we’ll achieve bold goals. Joining Alpha means being a critical part of a transformative team.

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Welcome Diversity & Inclusion

Strive for excellence and equity.

Are you passionate about ensuring that all students get an excellent education? Alpha teachers and staff are committed to helping all learners achieve academic excellence, from high performers to English Language Learners and students with special needs. Alpha celebrates people from a diverse background, especially those who can relate to the challenges and strengths of our students. Your commitment to equity inspires your students to believe in themselves and feel excited about the opportunities that open up with an excellent education.

Family Engagement Focused.

Family Engagement Focused.

Everyone at Alpha wants to grow and improve. This healthy growth mindset fuels a can-do attitude and a sense of shared excitement when milestones are met. You’ll be working with a team that’s as passionate as you are about engaging with families, from tracking progress to working together to unlock your student’s success. Parent volunteers also help raise money for events and field trips and participate in community meetings. Alpha’s strong feeling of community comes from teachers working closely with -and being supported by- engaged families.

Want to See Results

Want to See Results.

Are you passionate about using your skills to transform lives? Does the idea of making a bold, positive impact excite you? Do you believe in the power of education? Do you want to do what you do best, while being supported by a talented team? Then you may be one of us. Everyone at Alpha is deeply committed to empowering our scholars with the tools and education they need to succeed in college. Everything we do is centered around helping our scholars thrive so new generations can access a better life.

Teacher Residency

Teacher Residency.

Based on research from other groundbreaking teacher residency models, Alpha’s teacher residency gradually prepares you for an exceptional teaching career and eliminates barriers to entering the teaching profession. You’ll get hands-on classroom experience under the supervision of a lead teacher while completing your credentials. Over the next 2 years your responsibilities will gradually grow until you complete the residency as a fully certified teacher. You’re paid benefits and salary throughout.

Investing in Your Career.

Investing in Your Career.

Alpha wants you to reach your full potential. We provide hundreds of hours of professional growth and leadership opportunities, even during the summer. From retreats and trainings to mentorships, we constantly nurture your professional growth. Never stop growing.

Building Together.

Building Together.

You’re joining an organization with a proven infrastructure and a cohesive vision that can be felt on every campus. We have comprehensive support systems in place for new and experienced teachers. But we also believe in innovation and growth. That’s why we regularly seek out input and share ideas. Together we’re making a great foundation even better.


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