For Educators

Alpha Public Schools is designed to ensure that all students have not only the knowledge, but also the skills and character traits they will need to succeed in college and career.

For students, Alpha provides an extraordinary level of personalized instruction and support, including individualized learning plans developed collaboratively with every student, self-contained classrooms that foster strong student-teacher relationships, adaptive online learning programs that match students’ learning style and pace, and a longer school day, week and year for students that need extra support.

Alpha also empowers teachers to focus their time and energy where it’s needed most, to continuously improve student results and their own practice, and to grow quickly into leadership positions. Teachers have access to real-time data on student progress and needs that allows you to tailor instruction accordingly and to focus on small-group and project-based work and higher order skills. Teachers also collaborate deeply and regularly with other teachers and with parents, and actively develop, test and share innovative new approaches to integrating technology and teaching.

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