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Alpha: José Hernández School

Alpha's early childhood education program prepares our students for continuing into and through the elementary and middle school grades. We build on each student's strengths to prepare them with the academic and social-emotional skills to excel through 8th grade in preparation for high school and beyond.


At a Glance

Students Enrolled
Faculty and Staff
Year Founded

1601 Cunningham Ave.
San José, CA 95122

School Operations Manager:
Cecilia Mendoza

Academics and Enrichment

Achieve Excellence, Every Day

Alpha: José Hernández prioritizes growth. We offer robust academics as well as a range of enrichment opportunities and community partnerships so students can advance on multiple levels. 


From additional support to advanced acceleration, we make sure every student gets what they need to learn at their own pace.

  • Extra Reading and Math Support
  • Accelerated Math Options for 8th Graders


  • Club Sports for TK-6
  • Art
  • Yearbook
  • Leadership
Competitive Sports

Offered in middle school grades:

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
Extended Day

Boys and Girls Club

  • These fun, skill-building programs provide mentors, meals, and meaningful life experiences. The program begins immediately after school through 6pm, everyday.
Meet Julianna Parra

A Word From Our Principal

Julianna Parra
Principal, Alpha: José Hernández School

At Alpha: José Hernández, we place a big emphasis on how we show up in our community because building a healthy and thriving environment ensures our students feel safe, cared for, and ready to learn. We also emphasize literacy here. Many of our students are learning English as a second language. English language instruction comes from all teachers in all content areas.

Alpha: José Hernández is actively working to improve and change a system that has historically underserved our community. I consider myself privileged to lead Alpha: José Hernández, and I embrace the challenges of our work with fierce optimism.

Every day, we are creating an energizing and inspiring learning environment. Come see for yourself!


School Celebrations

Good things are happening at Alpha: José Hernández.
School celebrations are one of the many ways we recognize and perpetuate success.

Movie: A Million Miles Away

School namesake José Hernández went from working the fields with his family to working on the space shuttle Discovery in outer space. Gather your family and watch A Million Miles Away, streaming on Amazon Prime.

Partnership: Ignite Reading

Young readers are becoming strong readers thanks to our partnership with Ignite Reading. This program delivers 1:1 virtual tutoring and applies the Science of Reading to help students read with confidence.

Partnership: Gordon Philanthropies

Enriching classrooms with an abundance of new books in both English and Spanish, Gordon Philanthropies provides teachers and students access to educational, entertaining, and age-appropriate reading materials.

Celebration: Penguin Palooza

We’ve baked celebration into our culture. On Wednesdays, you’ll often find the students coming together in a “Penguin Palooza,” recognizing hard work in a joyful way.

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