Alpha’s K-12 public schools focus on preparing you to succeed in school, college and life.

When you have the right education and mindset, you can make more dreams come true. Set and meet ambitious goals, starting with high academic expectations.


Here’s the Alpha way of helping you thrive:

building strong relationships

Leadership opportunities through supportive relationships

From teachers to coaches and staff, you’re surrounded by people who are passionate about helping you reach your goals and who want to make sure you’re prepared for independent success in college. Whatever grade you’re in, you’ll participate in an age-appropriate version of Personalized Leadership Training (PLT). This unique program for social-emotional learning helps you solve problems on your own and gives you the confidence to advocate for yourself. By the end of 8th grade, you’ll have taken on a significant leadership role with your peers, from holding office to actually running the class.

high academic expectations

High academic expectations

We expect you to achieve your dreams. We expect you to set and reach ambitious goals both inside and outside of the classroom. We’ll hold you accountable toward reaching each milestone and will provide the engaging educational environment and supportive relationships to put and keep you on the right path.

personalized learning

We advocate for all students

Everyone has a unique set of strengths and preferred ways to learn. We advocate for all scholars in our community, including scholars with disabilities. We will work as an IEP team to ensure that you have all the support you need to be successful in your academic, social/emotional, communication, and behavioral endeavors. We support scholars across a wide range of disabilities, and can help you to reach your potential.

technology in the classroom

Technology integrated Learning

You’ll get your own Chromebook, starting in Kindergarten. Throughout your K-12 education, you’ll have access to customized computer programs that give you individualized levels of instruction.

parent empowerment

Parent empowerment

Engaged parents are the core of Alpha’s community. Our focus on building supportive relationships means working closely with families year-round and encouraging parents to advocate for their children. We also offer parents free classes in Technology and English as a foreign language (EFL) at The Parent Center, a dedicated space for parents that’s run by one of Alpha’s founding moms.

leadership habits

Leadership Habits

Through the Personalized Leadership Training program, students learn both fitness and leadership skills through collaborative physical activities such as boxing and dodgeball. Students develop their social-emotional skills through an innovative and hands-on approach that gives them the opportunity to take ownership of their classes by leading group activities and debriefs, mentoring, as well as assessing and teaching their peers.

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