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Cindy Avitia

Alpha: Cindy Avitia High School is a small, safe and tuition-free community school that opened its doors to its first class of 9th graders in the summer of 2015. Led by Principal Emma Karpowicz and a team of dedicated and skilled teachers, Alpha: Cindy Avitia prepares all students for college with the knowledge, skills, and self-discipline needed to succeed. Further, Alpha also supports families through every step of the college process to ensure students successfully apply to, enroll, and succeed throughout college.

We are honored to name Alpha’s first high school in honor of Alpha’s first board president, Cindy Avitia. Born and raised in East San Jose, Cindy served her community as an activist across many issues, a social and civil rights advocate, and an immigration attorney. Alpha is honored to memorialize Cindy, her commitment to empowering her community, and the spirit of service she embodied.

Remembering Cindy

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Cindy Avitia, Community Activist

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