Everyone has a unique set of strengths.

We believe all children have a fundamental right to an excellent education. We advocate for all students, especially those who have academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs. Our team of supportive and dedicated teachers and staff focus on building meaningful relationships with all students and seeking continuous professional improvement to provide every student a college-ready education.

Teachers work to build trusts with students through consistency and understanding of each individual student’s personal context. Teachers provide students with multiple opportunities for two-way feedback and focus on consequences of choices, rather than judgment of character.

Alpha classrooms demonstrate college-ready rigor through multiple opportunities for discussion, feedback, and learning from error. Our data-driven culture gives students the opportunity to reflect on their data and practice the practical application of real-world skills while engaging in Common Core aligned content.

Important Dates

  • 23-24: Application Closes - 12/17/2023
  • 24-25: Application & Open Enrollment Begins - 8/16/2023
  • 24-25: Deadline for Open Enrollment for the Cindy Avitia HS Lottery (Grades 9-12) - 11/15/2023
  • 24-25: Cindy Avitia Lottery - 11/16/2023 at 1 pm via zoom (
  • 24-25: Deadline for Open Enrollment for the TK-8 Lottery - 1/24/2024
  • 24-25:TK-8 Lottery - 1/25/2024 @ 4 pm via zoom (
  • 24-25: Application Closes - 12/20/2024

Alpha Public Schools Application Process Can Be Completed in 2 Steps

  • 1

    Fill out the Interest Form

    Fill out the interest form by clicking here.
    Our enrollment team will reach out to you.

  • 2

    Fill out the Application

    Upon completion of the interest form, you will have the option to continue on to fill out the application through schoolmint.

Download a paper application in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese.

Admission and Requirements

Alpha Public Schools, and all schools within the network, are free public schools. Donations and volunteer hours, while appreciated, are optional, and are not required as a condition of admissions, continued enrollment, or any other privilege.

Click here to view admissions and lottery requirements.

Our Open Public Lottery for Cindy Avitia High School will be on Thursday, November 16, 2023 @ 1 pm via zoom (Link).

Our Open Public Lottery for our TK-8th Grade schools will be on Thursday, January 25, 2024 @ 4 pm via zoom (Link).


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