At Alpha, we believe that all means all.

This includes scholars with disabilities across the full spectrum of disabilities and levels of severity – we recognize that the neurodiversity of our scholars makes us a stronger and more just organization, and are committed to ensuring excellent support for every scholar in our community.

What the special education team looks like on each campus:

  • Education Specialists
  • SPED Paraprofessionals
  • Mental Health Counselor

Is Alpha a good fit for you?

Are you someone who is:

Committed to educational equity for scholars with disabilities+A believer in the potential of all students+Collaborative, advocates, celebrating small wins

What the special education team does:

Ensure that all scholars are receiving the appropriate supports in order to be successful in their academic, social-emotional/behavioral, communication, vocational, and character development

Featured role: Education Specialist

As an Education Specialist you will join a team that upholds high expectations, fosters social development, and facilitates the intellectual growth of our scholars. Our Special Education team will approach instruction with patience, creativity, and a growth mindset, while using activities and instructional methods that will motivate our scholars.

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