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As public charter schools, all Alpha Public Schools campuses are open to all students, and free to attend. We admit all students who apply by the application deadline, unless we receive more applications than there are spaces — in which case we hold a random public lottery, with students then notified whether they have been […]

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Alpha is committed to creating a school environment where students achieve their potential, where teachers have the chance to create innovative ways to reach students and where staff work together to build our schools. Alpha is redefining the way we teach and learn in the 21st Century through personalized learning and cutting-edge technology. We invite […]

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By supporting Alpha Public Schools, you can not only make a difference in the lives of students in low-income communities — you will also be a key player in our effort to redesign teaching and learning for the 21st century. Join leading organizations like the Next Generation Learning Challenges, Silicon Schools Fund, Westly Foundation, The […]