An Excellent Education
is a Fundamental Right

Alpha educators recognize the potential of all students, regardless of background or abilities.
Education has the power to catalyze personal growth and put dreams within reach.


Inspiring Minds, Igniting Potential

At Alpha Public Schools we believe learning best occurs when students engage in productive struggle—persisting through rigorous, complicated tasks. We encourage our scholars to ask questions, to give and receive feedback, and to learn from mistakes through reflection and problem solving. For this to happen, our teachers and students work together to create a healthy and thriving school environment: one that radiates with a deep belief in all children and celebrates the many strengths that each student brings.

Our Academic Model

Alpha teachers draw from the work of Zaretta Hammond and incorporate her research on how our brains learn. Every lesson is geared to promote deep learning by including the following four elements:


Cue the brain to pay attention.


Feed the brain right-sized pieces of information.


Actively process new information.


Apply the new information.


An Alpha Education
Doesn’t End at Graduation

Throughout an Alpha student’s TK-12 experience, we take a three-part approach to college readiness:

Academic Preparedness

We offer rigorous instruction in every classroom at every grade level and closely monitor students’ progress.

80% of scholars who graduate from Alpha: Cindy Avitia High School attend college—most as first-generation college students.


Because college can grant an Alpha scholar endless possibilities, we are committed to opening doors for them to every available option upon high school graduation. We reduce barriers to entry by providing hands-on support to students pursuing financial aid and scholarships.


We inspire students in all grade levels to envision their pathway to college and beyond, with field trips, workshops, and ongoing conversations about who students are today and who they want to be tomorrow. At Alpha Public Schools we believe the earlier we prepare our students for college, the more invested they become not only in their future, but in their current school experience.

What Our Alumni are Saying About Alpha

Hear from our bright and accomplished students themselves as they share how Alpha impacted their future.

Elizabeth Marquez Bernardino
Alpha is the community that gave me the opportunity to be successful myself. I have grown so much since I first started attending Alpha: Blanca Alvarado in 2012.
Elizabeth Marquez Bernardino
San José State University, Class of 2023
Alpha: Blanca Alvarado, Class of 2019
Andrea Gonzales
As I stand here today, about to graduate from college, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the role Alpha has played in my life. Alpha not only prepared me for college academically, but also empowered me to believe in myself and pursue my dreams.
Andrea Gonzales
Santa Clara University, Class of 2023
Alpha: Cindy Avitia High School, Class of 2019
David Coello
The Alumni Success Program has helped clarify many questions I had since I entered my first year. Because of them, I have resolved many issues and clarifications that I would have been stuck on if they weren’t present.
David Coello
San Jose State University, Class of 2027
Alpha: Cindy Avita High School, Class of 2023

High School Graduation Rate


College Matriculation Rate


First-generation College Students

Alpha makes an impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our overall adult-to-student ratio is between 10:1 to 16:1. Our class sizes range between 20 to 32. In our larger classes, we have additional academic support team members who ensure that all students have appropriate attention and support.

Alpha Public Schools teachers are required by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to be appropriately licensed for their grade level and content area. All Alpha teachers experience extensive professional development and support. We launch the school year with 2-4 weeks of professional development ("PD") focused on internalization, healthy & thriving environment, and classroom management. Wednesdays during the school year are early dismissal for students; teachers attend school site or Alpha-wide PD three Wednesdays per month. These sessions support teachers’ continuing development in data collection, analysis, and response; classroom management; and other key instructional skills.

In addition to academic support, we offer a comprehensive whole-child approach that includes emotional and social support services, such as counseling and peer mediation programs. All students participate in weekly advisory sessions designed to develop social and emotional skills. We also provide access to extracurricular activities and health and wellness programs to foster physical development and mental well-being. This holistic support helps nurture all aspects of our students' growth, preparing them for success both in and out of the classroom.

We do not offer a dual language program; however, we provide robust support for English language learners through our comprehensive Designated and Integrated English Language Development program. This program includes tailored support for students who are new to the United States and continues through to their reclassification as proficient in English, in accordance with California state standards.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information.

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