Advice from Alpha’s alumni to current students

September 24, 2019

Now that our alumni are settling into their new routines, they have some advice for our seniors, who are beginning the application process. We really appreciate them sharing their knowledge and wisdom with our students!

Do research and schedule a visit.

I would highly suggest doing some research on the college that you’re interested in. You want to look and find what that college has to offer. This includes majors, financial aid, clubs, social events, student help/counseling, resources, opportunities, and etc… Along with that, plan a visit because you want to actually get a feel of the environment. Lastly, don’t be discouraged to apply to a certain college. Just apply and see what happens because it does not hurt to at least try. 

Sometimes the best choice is the school that offers you the most financial support. 

Finish your FAFSA early- even earlier than what the school asks you to do. If you have more than 10 schools know that you have to submit it more than once. 

For schools, even though it’ll take more time, apply to small,private schools – they give a lot of financial support. I am saying from someone who only has to pay $3K in Santa Clara and am living in the new dorms. Also apply to scholarships for your specific major in those schools (possible free rides).

Learn about majors before you decide. 

If you don’t know what you want to major in, think about what the people in your major are like, actually look up videos. Get a feel for what kinds of things people are doing with their majors and what their personalities are like. 

Don’t be shy. The more people who read your essays the better. 

Have lots of people peer review your essays and don’t take any of the advice too personally, they are all just trying to help you and see you succeed.

Just breathe.

Also, don’t stress too much. It’s really not worth it mentally or physically. Breath- you will be fine. This doesn’t mean procrastinate, do the work and the results will come.


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