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My Teachers do More than Teach – They listen, they coach, they advise

My name is Brandon Perez. I have been at Alpha for four years and my goal is to have the option to go to college and join the military. 

In all my classes I have learned a ton compared to what I used to know when I started. The teachers give me one-on-one help when I need it and if they do not have time, I ask my principal, Ms. Nava and she always helps me work towards achieving my goals. Coach Quinlan was always helpful because he would tell me the requirements for joining the military and he was someone I could go to when I struggled both academically and at home.

Mr. Durante is someone else that always helps me. He talks with me when I need advice based on behavior and academics. On Mondays I meet with Mr. Hurtado – I call him grandpa. He helps me understand consequences that can happen at school based on the choices I make.

If I had the chance to start all over again, I would choose Alpha because the campus is very safe and all of the teachers and staff are great leaders. They’ve helped me get closer to my goal. Even when I struggled, they would always make sure that I was progressing.