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Nathally Montiel is Alpha’s 2022 Glover Scholarship Winner!

In 2021, Alpha Public Schools’ Board of Directors started a scholarship to honor John Glover, Alpha’s Founder and first CEO, for his work and contributions towards making Alpha Public Schools the network that we are today. Out of all of the applications we received from Alpha’s Class of 2022, Nathally Montiel’s scholarship application stood out to the selection panel the most, with her commitment to our community, and her impact on the lives of others.

We congratulate Nathally on this well-deserved acknowledgement of her accomplishments and contributions to our school and community! We are so excited to see what she accomplishes at UC San Diego and beyond!

Below you will find excerpts from Nathally’s scholarship that give insight on her excellence in Civic Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Building Community.

On Civic Leadership

“Over the past four years of High School, I have volunteered over 120 hours at the local Food Bank because I wanted to be an essential change in my community. Though I did not get paid for this job, it taught me values such as being grateful for all I have, and helping those in need. Everyone deserves to be supported, and being a part of helping others is empowering.”

On Entrepreneurship

“I decided to create a website called PetStyle which included items we sell, prices, and contact information. Though it was a small website, I saw how useful it was in connecting with clients and giving them what they need. I’m about to start college in the fall and I want to pursue a career in Computer Engineering to one-day work as a software engineer so I can obtain the knowledge that is needed for the things that one day are going to take over how we go about our everyday life. I know I have a long way to go, but the little experiences I have gained over the years have pushed me to work harder for the things I want and to keep working towards my goals.”

On Building Community

“At my local community church, I conduct activities with various groups of teenagers to help build relationships and strengthen faith and community pride. I learn to connect with people you have never seen before and share a common interest which is something that has helped me learn to get out of my comfort zone and try new things even if they seem uncomfortable. I like being involved in this type of group because you are always surrounded by new people who have different ideas and views which is something that can help in the future when you start a new job. Overall, this experience has taught me to accept people no matter who they are, what they do, what they like, or what they look like. Soon, I am going to be starting college at UC San Diego and this experience at my community church has taught me the importance of stepping out of the comfort zone we create for ourselves and learning to enjoy life with the people around you.”

Congratulations Nathally on being the 2022 recipient of the Glover Scholarship!