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This is What Parent Advocacy is All About

Alpha was founded by parents years ago and throughout our growth, parent advocacy and engagement have continued to be a key driver of success for our scholars. 

When the decision was made by the Franklin-McKinley School District to deny Alpha: Cornerstone Academy’s charter, the community was shaken, devastated, and angry. Many parents, who have been a part of the Cornerstone community since their children were in Kindergarten, were not going to stand by and watch their beloved school shut down. These few months have bore witness to a united parent front, leading the charge to fight for our scholars and their right to an excellent education. 

Below are excerpts from heartfelt testimonials and pleas to board members. Their unrelenting drive is contagious and admirable. This is what parent power looks like. We thank all of our families for going beyond the call of duty to be a voice for their children and for the community. 

“A few months after entering his first year at Cornerstone in 4th grade, our son was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. Our family was devastated. However, with the help of the teacher and principal, we were able to help him cope with his symptoms such as vocal and motor tics that affect his learning and focus. We received so much support from his teachers, who were updating us on his progress and new symptoms. They created an environment that was accepting of his conditions. As a result, our son felt a sense of belonging, which in turn reduced his tics symptoms. Thanks to this nurturing environment, he is able to recognize his potential and not let Tourette’s Syndrome define him.” 

“My daughter is a special needs student. They diagnosed her with impulsive conduct and learning disability in reading and mathematics. But through the efforts of all the IEP team and doctors and the passions of the teachers of Cornerstone, my daughter has growth so much.  I cannot imagine how much losing Cornerstone would hurt the progress she has made in the last few years. If you renew our charter, you will continue to provide my daughter and many like her an amazing opportunity for their future.”

“My twin daughters have attended Cornerstone since Kindergarten. My daughters were 8 weeks premature and spent weeks in the NICU. During that time I made them a promise – never to let them down. When searching for schools we walked into the Cornerstone office and were so impressed by the office staff and signed up for the waitlist right away and we were so happy when we were selected through the lottery. Every single one of my daughters teachers has helped my daughters become the amazing young ladies and wonderful 6th grade scholars they are today.”